Карта склонов
Карта склонов курорта Сен Франсуа Лоншам (Saint François Longchamp)
  • Самая длинная трасса 5610 м
  • Перепад высот 900 м
  • Высшая точка 2550 м
  • Низшая точка 1650 м

The resort : Saint-François-Longchamp takes you to new heights of freedom. Real sensations, unlimited pleasures, immaculate expanses of white. Here children and parents are brought together by the same passion each at their own pace and level. Snowboarders, skiers of all types from downhill to carving, those who prefer ski-touring, and those on foot and snowshoe. It is very hard to imagine that all this takes place within 12 km of the A43 motorway exit. The skiing : Since not all skiers have the same requirements and needs, the domain of Saint François Longchamp offers two possibilities enabling everyone to practice their preferred sport within their budget and personal limits.

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