Карта склонов
Карта склонов курорта Пила (Pila)
  • Самая длинная трасса 5800 м
  • Перепад высот 909 м
  • Высшая точка 2709 м
  • Низшая точка 1800 м

Pila dominates the city of Aosta, to which it is linked by a scenic road 18 km long, or by a new cable car which means you can leave your car and be on the pistes in just 17 mins. A 'ski on feet' resort, Pila gives direct access to the pistes from all its hotels and residences. I 70Km of piste (50% of which are covered by snow cannons), wind between 1800m up to 2750m at Couis, where you can enjoy a breathtaking 360° of Mont Blanc, the Grand Combin, the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa. 12 lifts with an hourly capacity of 19.700 persons supply a variety of pistes suitable for all, from beginners to experts. Pila is loved by snow boarders, hard and soft, as here they'll find groomed and ungroomed pistes, smooth or with moguls, off piste in the woods where you can zig zag past natural obstacles. The resort has more than 170 ski instructors at its ski school who specialise in varying disciplines and are dedicated to teaching you to improve your technique. For children, from 4 years of age and over, there's the ski school camp with toys and a comfortable conveyor belt lift enabling all to enjoy the thrills of the snow.

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